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Wonderful destinations for motorhome holidays

Can't decide where to go? We've got you covered!

Trips & Ideas

While GM Campers provides you with some of the best dealux motorhomes somerset has to offer, choosing the right destination is equally as important. We’ve put together some guides to help you find the right location for your motorhome holiday.


Prices start from £115.40 per person

Embark on a captivating coastal journey in the UK, beginning at Lyme Bay, known for its fossil-rich cliffs and stunning views. Head to the ‘English Riviera’, Torquay, with its Mediterranean vibe and sandy beaches. Continue to the idyllic Salcombe Bay, a serene yachting center, before unwinding at the picturesque Bantham Beach, beloved by surfers and families alike. Conclude your trip at Dartmoor National Park, with its rugged moorlands and diverse wildlife. This route, stretching from the majestic coastline to the mystical inland, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and rich heritage, promising an unforgettable experience.


Prices start from £91 per person

Venture on a mesmerizing coastal road trip starting at Looe, a historic fishing port with narrow streets and a sandy beach. Travel to the charming town of Fowey, famous for its picturesque harbour and quaint narrow streets. Next, explore St Austell, home to the renowned Eden Project and the historic Charlestown Harbour. End your journey at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, one of the most loved and mysterious estates in England, reclaimed from overgrowth and beautifully restored. This route offers a delightful mix of maritime charm, natural beauty, and fascinating history, making for a truly unforgettable journey.


Prices start from £65 per person

Embark on a fascinating road trip, starting at Cheddar, known for its remarkable gorge, ancient caves, and namesake cheese. Journey onwards to Wells, England’s smallest city, adorned with a majestic cathedral and the tranquil Bishop’s Palace Gardens. Conclude your tour in Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage city, celebrated for its stunning Georgian architecture and Roman-built baths. This route presents a charming blend of natural wonder, historic intrigue, and architectural grandeur, creating an unforgettable exploration through time and beauty.