Year-Round Campervan Adventures: How to Enjoy Every Season on the Road

At GM Campers, a leading campervan and motorhome hire company in Somerset, we believe that the joys of campervan travel shouldn’t be limited to just one season. Whether you’re looking to hire a campervan for a summer escape or a winter wander, our versatile motorhomes are equipped to ensure comfort and adventure all year round. Discover how to make the most of each season with our comprehensive guide, and explore the solo travel benefits that come with hiring a campervan or motorhome.

Spring Adventures: Rebirth and Renewal

Spring is the season of renewal, making it an ideal time to hire a campervan and explore the UK’s blooming landscapes. The mild weather and blossoming flowers create picturesque settings for your travels. One of the key solo travel benefits in spring is the tranquility you’ll find in nature, away from the summer crowds.

Top Spring Destinations:

  • Lake District: Known for its stunning lakes and vibrant greenery, the Lake District comes alive in spring. Take leisurely hikes, enjoy boat rides, and explore quaint villages.
  • Cotswolds: Famous for its charming stone cottages and rolling hills, the Cotswolds offer a serene backdrop for springtime explorations. Visit local markets and historic sites for a touch of culture.

Summer Escapes: Sun-Kissed Adventures

Summer is the quintessential season for road trips. Long days and warm nights make it perfect for exploring coastal areas and enjoying outdoor activities. When you hire a motorhome from GM Campers, you can fully embrace the solo travel benefits of flexibility and freedom.

Top Summer Destinations:

  • Cornwall: With its stunning beaches, surf spots, and coastal trails, Cornwall is a summer paradise. Explore hidden coves, sample fresh seafood, and soak up the sun.
  • Isle of Wight: Accessible yet remote, the Isle of Wight offers beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and family-friendly attractions. Enjoy festivals, sailing, and scenic drives.

Autumn Getaways: Golden Escapes

Autumn brings a palette of warm colors and a sense of tranquility to the UK’s landscapes. This season is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of changing leaves and cooler temperatures. Hiring a campervan allows you to follow the foliage and experience the solo travel benefits of peaceful, crowd-free destinations.

Top Autumn Destinations:

  • Scottish Highlands: Experience the dramatic beauty of the Highlands as the leaves turn golden. Enjoy scenic drives, whisky tours, and hikes in this breathtaking region.
  • Yorkshire Dales: With its rolling hills and picturesque villages, the Yorkshire Dales are perfect for autumn adventures. Explore charming market towns, historic ruins, and scenic trails.

Winter Wanderings: Cozy and Festive

Winter campervan adventures offer a unique charm, with festive markets, snow-covered landscapes, and cozy campsites. Hiring a motorhome from GM Campers ensures you stay warm and comfortable, enjoying the solo travel benefits of intimate, serene winter landscapes.

Top Winter Destinations:

  • Peak District: The snow-dusted peaks and valleys of the Peak District create a magical winter wonderland. Enjoy hiking, caving, and visiting charming villages.
  • Bath: Famous for its historic Roman baths and Georgian architecture, Bath is a festive delight in winter. Explore Christmas markets, enjoy thermal spa experiences, and marvel at the city’s historic beauty.

Campervan Features for Year-Round Comfort

At GM Campers, our campervans and motorhomes are equipped to handle all seasons. Features like heating, insulation, and versatile layouts ensure you stay comfortable no matter the weather. Here are some essential features to look for:

  • Heating Systems: Stay warm during chilly nights with efficient heating systems in our campervans.
  • Insulation: Proper insulation keeps the interior temperature stable, whether it’s hot or cold outside.
  • Versatile Layouts: Adjustable seating and sleeping arrangements ensure comfort and space for solo travelers or larger groups.

Packing Tips for Seasonal Travel

  • Spring: Pack layers, waterproof gear, and hiking boots for unpredictable spring weather.
  • Summer: Bring sunscreen, swimwear, and lightweight clothing for hot days and beach outings.
  • Autumn: Include warm layers, sturdy shoes, and a camera to capture the stunning fall foliage.
  • Winter: Pack thermal clothing, blankets, and a hot water bottle to stay cozy during winter nights.

Your Somerset Campervan and Motorhome Hire Company

Embracing the joys of campervan travel year-round allows you to experience the UK’s diverse landscapes in all their seasonal glory. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant blooms of spring, the sun-kissed beaches of summer, the golden hues of autumn, or the cozy retreats of winter, hiring a campervan from GM Campers provides the flexibility and comfort you need. Enjoy the solo travel benefits of adventure, independence, and personalised experiences every season. Ready to explore? Contact GM Campers today to hire a motorhome and start planning your next adventure on the open road.

Book Your Year-Round Adventure

Visit GM Campers in Somerset to explore our range of campervans and motorhomes. Let us help you create personalised, flexible, and memorable year-round travel experiences. Your journey to seasonal adventures begins with GM Campers!

Solo Adventures: Why Camper Van Travel is Perfect for the Independent Explorer

The thrill of solo travel is unmatched – the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and to discover new places at your own pace. For the independent explorer, there’s no better way to experience this freedom than with campervan hire or motorhome hire. At GM Campers, a leading campervan and motorhome hire company in Somerset, we provide the perfect vehicles for solo adventurers looking to explore the UK. With the many solo travel benefits that come with hiring a campervan, you’ll soon discover why this mode of travel is ideal for your next adventure.

Freedom and Flexibility

When you hire a campervan, you gain the ultimate freedom and flexibility. There are no strict itineraries or schedules to adhere to, allowing you to explore at your own pace. This is one of the most significant solo travel benefits. Want to stay an extra night at a scenic spot or take a detour to an unexpected destination? With campervan hire, you have the freedom to make spontaneous decisions and create a personalised travel experience.

Hiring A Campervan – Cost-Effective Travel

Solo travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Hiring a campervan combines both accommodation and transportation into one cost-effective package. By preparing your meals in the fully equipped kitchen of your motorhome, you can save significantly on dining expenses. Additionally, with the freedom to choose free or low-cost camping spots, you can manage your travel budget more efficiently. This affordability makes motorhome hire an attractive option for solo adventurers looking to stretch their travel budget without sacrificing comfort.

Comfort and Convenience

Another key advantage of hiring a campervan for solo travel is the comfort and convenience it offers. Our campervans and motorhomes at GM Campers come equipped with cozy sleeping quarters, modern bathrooms, and fully stocked kitchens. This ensures that you have everything you need for a comfortable journey. You don’t have to worry about finding accommodation each night or carrying all your belongings from place to place. With a campervan, your home travels with you, providing a consistent and familiar base wherever you go.

Connecting with Nature

Solo travel in a campervan allows you to immerse yourself in nature like never before. Wake up to the sound of birdsong, enjoy breakfast with a view of the mountains, or fall asleep under a starlit sky. The UK’s diverse landscapes, from the rugged coastlines of Cornwall to the serene lakes of the Lake District, are all within reach when you hire a motorhome. Being close to nature provides a sense of peace and rejuvenation, making your solo adventures even more enriching.

Meeting New People

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. One of the solo travel benefits of campervan adventures is the opportunity to meet new people. Campsites and caravan parks are social hubs where you can connect with fellow travelers, share stories, and even find new friends. These interactions can add a wonderful social dimension to your solo travels, offering companionship and new perspectives along the way.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Solo travel is a journey of self-discovery. Navigating new places, solving problems on your own, and having time for reflection contribute to personal growth. Hiring a campervan for your travels enhances this experience by providing you with a mobile sanctuary where you can retreat and recharge. The challenges and joys of solo travel build confidence and resilience, making you a more independent and self-assured explorer.

Exploring Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations With Motorhome Hire

With a campervan, you have the freedom to explore hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations that are often inaccessible by public transport. Discover secluded beaches, quaint villages, and scenic byways that offer a more authentic travel experience. The flexibility of motorhome hire allows you to venture beyond the usual tourist spots and uncover the true essence of the UK.

Your Local Somerset Campervan and Motorhome Hire Company

Solo travel with a campervan offers unparalleled freedom, flexibility, and comfort, making it the perfect choice for independent explorers. At GM Campers, our campervan and motorhome hire options are designed to provide everything you need for an unforgettable solo adventure. Experience the many solo travel benefits and create your own unique journey with GM Campers. Ready to embark on your solo adventure? Contact us today to hire a campervan and start planning your next great escape.

Nature’s Playgrounds: Top Family-Friendly Campsites in the UK

When it comes to family holidays, finding the perfect destination that combines fun, adventure, and relaxation can be a challenge. However, with the freedom and flexibility offered by hiring a campervan or motorhome, your family can explore some of the UK’s most beautiful and family-friendly campsites. At GM Campers, a leading campervan and motorhome hire company in Somerset, we are passionate about helping families create unforgettable memories. Here, we highlight the top family-friendly campsites in the UK that are perfect for your next getaway.

1. Cornish Tipi Holidays, Cornwall

Cornish Tipi Holidays is a magical campsite nestled in the heart of Cornwall, offering a unique blend of nature and adventure. With woodland trails, a private lake for swimming and boating, and tipis for a night under the stars, this campsite is perfect for families looking for a mix of comfort and wilderness. The proximity to Cornwall’s stunning beaches and charming villages makes it an ideal base for exploring the region. By hiring a campervan from GM Campers you can stay in the luxury of the Cornish Tipi Holidays site as your base, for examole, but use your campervan to explore more or Cornwall, staying over when and where you wish.


  • Private lake for swimming and boating
  • Woodland trails and nature walks
  • Close to Cornwall’s beaches and attractions

2. Hollands Wood, New Forest, Hampshire

Hollands Wood in the New Forest is a haven for nature-loving families. Set amidst ancient woodlands, this campsite offers direct access to miles of walking and cycling trails. The New Forest ponies roaming freely add a touch of magic to the experience. With spacious pitches and modern amenities, it’s a perfect spot for families to connect with nature while enjoying the comforts of their campervan or motorhome.


  • Situated in the heart of the New Forest
  • Excellent walking and cycling trails
  • Modern facilities and spacious pitches

3. Forest Fields, Powys, Wales

When you hire a campervan you have the freedom to holiday where you like. Forest Fields in Powys, Wales, is a family-run campsite known for its welcoming atmosphere and stunning natural surroundings. Families can enjoy activities such as kayaking on the lake, exploring the local hills, and participating in campfire evenings. The site’s facilities are top-notch, ensuring a comfortable stay while you explore the Welsh countryside.


  • On-site lake for kayaking and swimming
  • Family-friendly activities and campfires
  • Beautiful Welsh countryside setting

4. Sandy Balls Holiday Village, Hampshire

Despite its novelty name, Sandy Balls Holiday Village, located in the New Forest, offers a wide range of activities and amenities designed to keep the entire family entertained. From indoor and outdoor swimming pools to archery and cycling, there’s something for everyone. The village’s proximity to the New Forest National Park means endless opportunities for exploration and adventure and, of course, hiring a campervan gives you even more scope and comfort in exploring the area at your leisure, with the family.


  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Variety of family activities, including archery and cycling
  • Close to New Forest National Park

5. Trewan Hall, Cornwall

Trewan Hall in Cornwall is a picturesque campsite set on the grounds of a historic manor house. The site offers extensive grounds for children to explore, a heated outdoor pool, and evening entertainment during peak season. Its location makes it easy to visit nearby beaches and attractions, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.


  • Historic manor house setting
  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Close to Cornish beaches and attractions

6. Kelling Heath, Norfolk

A bit futher afield, Kelling Heath in Norfolk offers a unique camping experience set in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With plenty of activities for children, including a nature trail, adventure playground, and regular nature walks, it’s an ideal destination for families looking to immerse themselves in nature. The site’s eco-friendly practices ensure a sustainable stay. Again, if you hire a motorhome from GM Campers, you can explore the wider area in complete comfort.


  • Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Nature trails and adventure playground
  • Eco-friendly campsite with sustainable practices

7. Bay View Farm, Cornwall

Bay View Farm in Cornwall offers breathtaking views of the sea and easy access to the beach. This campsite is perfect for families looking to enjoy coastal activities such as surfing, rock pooling, and beachcombing. The site is well-equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


  • Stunning sea views and beach access
  • Ideal for coastal activities
  • Modern amenities and family-friendly facilities

Hire A Campervan or Motorhome – GM Campers

Exploring the UK’s family-friendly campsites after hiring a campervan or motorhome from GM Campers opens up a world of adventure and fun. These campsites offer a perfect blend of nature, activities, and comfort, ensuring that every family member has a memorable holiday. Ready to embark on your next family adventure? Contact GM Campers, your trusted campervan and motorhome hire company in Somerset, and start planning your perfect getaway today.

From Novice to Nomad: Essential Tips for a Fabulous First-Time Camper Van Experience

Embarking on your first camper van journey can be thrilling yet daunting, especially if you’re new to the nomadic lifestyle. At GM Campers, a premier motorhome and campervan hire company based in Somerset, we’re passionate about making your initial foray into camper van adventures as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a more extended exploration of the UK’s picturesque landscapes, here are some essential tips to help transform you from a novice into a seasoned road-tripping nomad.

Choosing the Right Camper Van To Hire

Selecting the appropriate camper van to hire is crucial to your comfort and enjoyment on the road. Consider the size and amenities that best fit your travel needs. GM Campers offers a variety of options, from compact campervans ideal for couples to larger motorhomes perfect for families or groups. Features like a built-in kitchen, comfortable sleeping areas, and ample storage can make a significant difference in your travel experience.

Packing Smartly

Efficient packing can enhance your camper van experience by keeping your space organized and functional. Prioritise multipurpose items and avoid overpacking to ensure everything has its place. Essentials include clothing for all weather conditions, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and chargers for your devices. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite snacks and entertainment options for the road!

Planning Your Route

While the allure of spontaneous travel is enticing, having a basic route planned can help manage expectations and reduce stress. Use tools like Google Maps or dedicated camper van apps to plot your journey. Consider booking campsites in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. GM Campers can provide recommendations for scenic routes and must-visit destinations that are both camper-friendly and breathtaking.

Familiarising Yourself with Your Vehicle

Before you hit the road, take the time to familiarise yourself with your camper van. Understand how to operate the vehicle’s essential features, such as the water system, gas appliances, and electrical setup. At GM Campers, we offer a comprehensive orientation session to ensure you feel confident and prepared to manage the vehicle on your own.

Navigating Campsite Etiquette

Understanding and respecting campsite etiquette is vital for a harmonious experience. Always aim to arrive at your campsite before it gets dark, keep noise to a minimum, and ensure you leave the site as you found it, if not better. Respecting these unspoken rules not only makes your stay more pleasant but also helps preserve the welcoming atmosphere for fellow travellers.

Staying Safe on the Road

Safety should always be a priority during your camper van adventure. Keep a road atlas in the van in case of lost GPS signal, regularly check weather updates, and follow speed limits and road signs. Ensure your travel insurance is up-to-date, and familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers.

Embracing the Camper Van Community

The camper van community is known for being friendly and supportive. Don’t hesitate to connect with fellow travelers for advice or company. Many seasoned nomads are eager to share tips and stories, which can enrich your own travel experience.

Your Motorhome and Campervan Hire Company in Somerset

Your first camper van journey is an exciting opportunity to explore with freedom and comfort. With the right preparation, a spirit of adventure, and a bit of practical knowledge, you’ll quickly go from novice to nomad. GM Campers is here to provide you with the perfect camper van rental, along with all the support and advice you need to ensure your journey is nothing short of fabulous. Ready to embark on a memorable road trip? Contact us today to find out more about our fleet and start planning your ultimate camper van adventure.

Visit leading motorhome and campervan hire company GM Campers in Somerset to explore our range of motorhomes and campervans and start planning your adventure today. Our expert team is here to help every step of the way, ensuring your first camper van experience is easy, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

Let Us Take You To Devon, England’s Ceremonial County

Come to Devon for its picturesque landscapes, but stay for its carefully curated cliffs, stretches of wildflower woodlands and charming beaches. Devon is a world away from cities and concrete jungles; instead, a cornucopia of undisturbed natural nooks for you to discover.



Very rarely do people travel to Devon without at least visiting Torquay, and why wouldn’t they? Torquay is quintessentially ‘Devon’, a popular and thriving seaside town offering liveliness alongside stretches of beachside. Torquay, coupled up with Paignton and Brixham is known as the English Riviera. Award winning for how it caters to a multitude of tourist needs whilst having the backdrop of family friendly beaches and a pier to stroll along whilst eating locally produced fudges and ice-creams.

Beer & Lyme Bay

Surrounded by imposing but beautiful white chalk cliffs lies Beer and Lyme Bay. A little seaside village where Devon’s historical charm leaks through and merges with modernity. Lyme bay is part of Devon’s Jurassic Coast and has been deemed a world heritage site due to its exposed rocks and cliffs, unearthing many Jurassic finds. However, it isn’t only an explorer’s paradise; the village itself boasts plenty of restaurants serving locally caught, fresh seafood.

The Dartmoor Wilderness

If you are looking for alternatives to the usual sun, sea and sand for your motorhome trip, how about surrounding yourself in wilderness? Dartmoor is more than just a rocky heather covered landscape as it holds clusters of historical village remains from the iron age. A vast area where whatever the time of year, it never feels busy. It is the perfect place to experience a tranquil space cultivated for unplugged reflection whilst you sit back and watch the Dartmoor ponies dawdle comfortably along.


Clovelly has the sea, it has the cosiness of an old as time Devon village, but it is also placed on a hill older than the cobbled roads that sit on it. Clovelly is perfect for people that want to submerge themselves in relaxed village life. The path to the harbour is lined with multicoloured cottages and adorable eateries, catering to that age old tradition of Devonshire tea and scones. If you happen to wander down to the harbourside, there are also three quayside pubs for something more substantial than scones, and a little stronger than tea.

Bantham Beaches

Bantham has been deemed the home of unspoilt beaches. Whispering tides, shallow warm water and an ability to lull you into a relaxed carefree state; this is far from your surfers dream beach. Batham Beaches are also really dog friendly, so don’t forget to take your four legged friends.

Salcombe Bay

Salcombe Bay is a tick list of perfection if scenery and lifestyle are what you are looking for. You can tick off rolling hills, cliff top views, gastro pubs and alfresco restaurants. Salcombe is most definitely the place for rest and relaxation, without any of the taxing adventuring. Standing high on the hills and looking down to the water you could often mistake yourself for being somewhere in the Mediterranean. Clean yellow white sand nestled up against strikingly blue water makes the bay an inviting prospect.


A small jump into North Devon, turning right at Bideford and just down into Northam you’ll find this coastal gem. Appledore used to be a bustling export bay where impressive ships were built for merchants, and instead is now is enjoying it’s retirement as an aesthetically pleasing, but fit for purpose nautical village. Small craft stores line the cobbled streets with whitewashed houses and local restaurants. It doesn’t have to be gentle strolls and taking in the views. If you would like something a little more involved, the yacht club is still a popular ‘go to’ for visitors who want to jump aboard a boat and go for an afternoon sail with refreshments.

For all of the places listed above, and all the places you’ll discover we have a motorhome waiting for you.

Luxury motorhome hire in Devon

Based in Highbridge, nobody knows the joys of visiting Devon better than us! We provide luxury motorhomes hire in Somerset, making it possible for you to pick your motorhome up en route. Learn more about our luxury motor rental.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we aim to exceed your expectations every time. For more information on locations around Somerset or specific motorhome holiday sites, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you.

Caravan and Camping club

Established in 1901, The Camping and Caravanning Club is the world’s oldest and largest Club for all forms of camping. Their aim is to help people enjoy the simple pleasures that camping can bring and they are proud to have over 700,000 members who agree!

The Camping and Caravanning Club is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that every penny spent with them is invested back into improving facilities and services for their members.

If you are interested in camping in the forest you can get a 15% discount with the code – CFHIRE explore the forest sites Here

Visit their website

Take a trip to Cornwall

Cornwall is the extreme south western peninsula of England. It has the longest stretch of continuous coastline in Britain and is set to be a top destination this year so book your camp sites early to avoid disappointment.

Some of the places mentioned may require advance booking due to Covid so please check their web-site before you go.


We suggest starting in Looe where there are some beautiful beaches to explore. We like Tolland Bay with it’s two small beaches, good for rock pools and swimming at high and low tide. Visit the Tolland Bay Café with its fully stocked shop with everything you need for a trip to the beach.

St Austell

Head to St Austell, one of Cornwall’s biggest Towns for plenty of shops, a fantastic food scene with numerous fabulous restaurants and cafes located throughout the town. See if you can find some Treasure at Charlestown shipwreck centre

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Heligan is so much more than a restored garden, its own special atmosphere encourages contemplation and inspiration. The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Give yourself three hours to explore and learn at the Eden Project, demonstrating the importance of plants to people, you will find lots of hints and tips from building an insect home to recycling.

Fowey & Mevagissey

Grab a swimming costume and head to Readymoney Cove. Just ten minutes from the centre of town, this nugget of sand is postcard perfect. It’s a sheltered spot, making it’s crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming. Wade out to the pontoon and explore the little rock pools.

If you do head into Fowey which is pronounced as “Foy” it is best to park in the car park at the of top (PL23 1ET) then it’s a short but steep walk down to the Quay, which is where you will find lots of places to eat from little cafes, to Ruby’s Ice Cream Parlour and Cornish pasty shops of course. There are some lovely local Pubs to eat in as well, including The Ship Inn. and The Galleon Inn

You can take a Ferry straight from the Quay at Fowey over to Mevagissey, an attractive harbourside village which was once the centre of Cornwall’s pilchard fishery and which still boasts a working harbour. The village centre consists of narrow streets with many places to eat and shop. Campsites near Fowey / Mevagissey include and


Take a trip to Penzance and visit the open-air Theatre. The Minack is an open air theatre in Cornwall

A short drive from Penzance and you can be in St Ives . There are 4 main beaches within walking distance of St Ives town, each with a different character. Porthmeor is perhaps the best known, facing into the Atlantic and backing on to the Tate Gallery. Porthminster is the second biggest and is conveniently located next to the train and bus stations. The Harbour beach is right in the centre of town and a great, safe family option. Porthgwidden is tucked away around the corner from all the hustle and bustle with beach huts available.

St Ives is a very popular surfing destination.

In the summer beginners can take advantage of Porthmeor’s sheltered aspect to learn to surf. There are plenty of places to hire the gear and lessons are available right on the beach.

Surfing in Cornwall

If Surfing is not your thing you can take a boat trip to Seal Island. On arriving at seal island visitors can soak up the scenery and it’s not just seals, on the right day there is a whole host of other wildlife to be spotted on this sea safari.

A 15-minute drive from St Ives is Paradise park Jungle Barn.

Staying in Penzance, Sennen Cove is a very pretty location to park up.


On the seafront you will find Blue Reef Aquarium. Featuring an underwater tunnel going through a coral-reef tank with pufferfish, sharks and rays. Find Newquay’s secret world of play and trains, Lappa Valley transports families on an exciting nostalgic steam train ride into a secret world of traditional fun and family adventures. If you want to stay in Newquay but away from the crowds try Treloy Touring Park, a beautiful campsite, in the countryside but close to the busy town.

If you have some time free head over to Padstow and Rick steins fish and chip shop but get there early and be prepared to queue. There is an amazing fish mongers next door (also Rick steins) – you could throw some fresh prawns or

Lobster on the BBQ. There is also a lovely deli and gift shop and it’s about a 5–10-minute walk into picturesque Padstow with its traditional shopping streets right on the harbour.

On the way to Padstow, you have Wadebridge. This would is a great place to stop with younger children and features The Camel Creek Adventure Park.

Staying near Padstow try St Agnes Beacon, situated at the foot of the Beacon, the peaceful St Agnes Beacon Club Site offers unforgettable panoramic views of the Cornish coastline. This gently sloping caravan park, arranged on several levels, is partly sheltered by gorse-topped banking.

See or Caravan and motorhome club for more to stay places in Cornwall.

Visit Cheddar, Wells & Bath

motorhome holiday rental. UK. Bath. West.

As a company based in Highbridge, nobody knows Somerset quite like us. We have been providing motorhome hire for the Somerset area, and we are proud of our reputation as one of the leading providers of quality motorhomes in the UK. Here are some of the standout holidays ideas when visiting Somerset.


Taunton is a great place to visit if you are a cider lover and the best place for cider is Sheppy’s Cider

Sheppy’s Cider has been at Bradford-on-Tone since 1917 offering a Butchers counter, Deli bakery counter, Orchard walks, Cider Shop and Heritage Museum. You can book a pitch at the Caravan club site, Cadeside Caravan Club Site This is a lovely site for peaceful stays with only 16 touring pitches and lovely views of the surrounding hills.

Or why not spend a night in an Apple Orchard at Tanpits Farm This historic, family run Cider Farm has been set in idyllic and peaceful surroundings of the Somerset countryside for over 100 years.


Cheddar caravan club site is situated on the very edge of Cheddar Village and boasts magnificent views of the Mendips and surrounding countryside, an absolute walker’s paradise. Amenities in the village include a variety of shops, pubs and takeaways. Cheddar Caves and Gorge and the famous Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company are all within easy walking distance of the caravan site.


Wells is the smallest city in England with about 12,000 inhabitants. It can call itself a city because of the famous 13th century Cathedral. It remains remarkably unspoilt, the narrow streets and an eclectic mix of building styles all reflect on the continuin

If you have not heard of Wells you may recognise it under the name of Sandford! Yes, back into 2006, Wells was transformed for a few weeks into the village of Sandford from the blockbuster Film HOT FUZZ staring Simon Pegg.


1 hour drive from Wells. On the way to Bath you could visit The Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust.

Arriving at Bath you won’t have to look far for things to do as the city is famously full of attractions and amenities. The pretty spa town of Bath is oozing with history, from the Roman baths (of course) to its grand Georgian houses, parks and sweeping crescents, timeless attractions and Victorian gothic structures. Bath’s natural hot springs are what the city is most famous for, but it also has a fantastic cultural scene with plenty of theatre, music, comedy, art and more.

Luxury motorhome hire in Somerset you can rely on!

At GM Campers, we pride ourselves in providing a stunning range of quality motorhomes for hire. Based in Somerset, our modern motorhomes are the perfect for exploring picturesque locations across the UK. 

Whether you want to enjoy the golden beaches of Devon & Cornwall or the beautiful countryside of Somerset, our motorhomes our road ready for your family holiday.

Our motorhomes include all the modern facilities and accessories, available to hire at affordable prices. You can have peace of mind knowing you have everything you need for the perfect motorhome holiday. Check out our fantastic selection of luxury motorhomes to hire for more information.

Deluxe Motorhome Hire: The Essential Guide

There’s nothing quite like holidaying on the open road in your very own deluxe motorhome, courtesy of GM Campers. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to planning your stress-free motorhome holiday!

Plan ahead

Motorhomes tend to get booked in advance and are very popular during school holidays. So if you can plan your trip in advance, secure your hire vehicle early to avoid disappointment.


There is a huge selection of great destinations all across the UK and Europe to choose from. Whether you’re going to visit one site or your planning a trip around Europe we recommend you book your campsite in advance to avoid disappointment (especially in high season). Sites typically range in price between £10 – £35/night depending on the facilities the season.

Get packing

Your hire vehicle with be equipped with everything you need to get you off to a great start plus any optional extras you have requested. All you need to remember are the essentials – bedding, towels and your clothes! If you are going to be travelling to the EU you will also need to remember your passport, it’s also a good idea to keep some change on you for the toll roads.

Hit the road!

Don’t forget to bring all your documentation when you collect your motorhome from us. Our pick up time is 2pm (unless other arrangements have been made). After we have completed the paperwork side in the office, one of our friendly staff will take you through the checkout procedure, demonstrate all of the features and answer any questions you may have before you set off. Then all that’s left to do is hit the road and enjoy your holiday!

Why chose a motorhome holiday?

Here are just a few reasons why a motorhome holiday is better: Being on the open road;

Freedom (home is where you park it!):

Being on the open road with your very own motorhome feels more like travelling; constantly shifting the horizon. It gives you the chance to get off the beaten track, providing adventure yet comfort in the outdoors – like luxurious camping. Our deluxe motorhomes also provide good value for money and great fun – for one price you get transport, kitchen, dining area and accommodation, all in one neat package!

It might be a daunting thought, driving one but after a few minutes most people will love the experience of driving with up-high views and this all adds to the memorable experience. It brings you into closer contact with both the scenery and the locals you meet on the road.


Our deluxe motorhomes are ideal for family bonding and time together, allowing for you to connect with family, country and locals. Its a real home from home – cosy and quick to warm up if needed. You find everything you need on board with showers, toilets, hot water, an oven and cooker, full-size fridge, dining space, lounge area etc.

Things have vastly improved in the design of motorhomes in the past few years, now more spacious than ever! They are also dog friendly so your pooch can join in on the adventure. Motorhome holidays are also much easier to pack for, avoiding queues or tedious waits in airports as well as a much more comfy and fun way to travel.

Deluxe Motorhome hire from GM Campers

Based in Taunton, Somerset, we offer a quality range of modern motorhome for hire at affordable prices. We can provide you with a wide variety of different models and sizes to suit your needs. Each of our deluxe motorhomes for him come fully kitted with all the equipment you would expect, including showers, kitchens and bathrooms. Here’s how you can hire a luxury motorhome with us.